A team of professionals of TM “MOUSSON” proudly presents to you its achievement TM “MOUSSON” that combines the best products of a recreation group of national production. Thanks to the years of a fruitful work the best specialists of the industry managed to achieve the incredible results having produced the national product, which would satisfy the highest demands and make your rest memorable. We are greatly motivated every day by the concern of the customer to improve our professional skills in using high technology for creating a masterpiece by masterpiece.

TM “MOUSSON” combines a number of products without which it is hard to imagine a full and comfortable rest. The swings, gills of different unique modifications, lattice-grill, skewers and accessories – these are the products that were created by design of engineers of TM “MOUSSON” and are considered to be the standard among the competitors. High professionalism and experience of our team allows us to be the first to know about customers’ needs and respond to them as soon as possible by creating exceptional and extraordinary models. For the production manufacturing we use only the highest quality materials and the latest technology and equipment, so the perfect quality and look of our products will satisfy even the most demanding customers. It enables to produce 100% high-quality and reliable product thorough the quality control at every stage of production, which differs not only for its complete functionality and look, but also in durability.

The resting goods of TM “MOUSSON” represents a new generation of products of top engineering and design art that guarantee you the pleasure of a perfect holiday for many years.